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released August 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Breaker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pure and simple Rock 'n Roll.

Dom - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Chris - Bass/Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
Joe - Drums
Nick - Lead Guitar

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Track Name: Berlin
How do I set my world on fire, with no air to start the flame? How do I explain my desire, with every course of action the same? Something’s gotta give, this constant battle field’s a mess. I’m so unsure, which wounds to dress. This wall it seems, is in between where I am, and where I should be.
It was created at a time, I didn’t know what was on my mind. Now that I see the other side, I have no choice but to decide.
We’re not sure to fall far, because we all know who we are…
Track Name: The Fall
Off and running, but still no place to go. Never stopping to realize what you didn’t know. Working off assumptions, built on no foundation. A simply favor asked led me to my perdition. What does this all mean? With a force across my face my murder scene. I’ll close my eyes, look up towards the sky, and count on you to kick me off this balcony. So for old times, save my life tonight.
Promises made, promises broken, why am I surprised? My own stupid mistakes caused such a dramatic demise. Pointless decisions, why procrastinate? Realizations about you that came too little too late.
You never learned what you wanted to earn. You wasted so much time tasting the finish line
Track Name: Aspirations
It starts with a crash, a hit against the wall, built so carefully now we watch it fall. These bricks and mortar, couldn’t withstand the crushing force of our final stand. Now we lay here, to pick up the pieces of all the things that we never wanted. Yet we stay.
Hang yourself with your own words. I could quote those lies chapter and verse. All those things you said you would be, you were never those things to me.
All these years, sliding on thin ice. All these years, tighten the vice. If seas divide us, we won’t see the sun. Passed out nights, waking up with no one. Now we’re chasing something no one could save. Yet, we stay...
Track Name: Electric Dream
My hands are shaking, fixed to the thrill I’m seeking.
Eyes quickly drinking; one more drop and then I swear I’m leaving. Nailed to the bright scene, no time to rest; heart beating. Next one’s the best thing; the spark of life, the fire I’ve been missing. This is urgency - my emergency. This is what I mean when I say I’m losing me. Not been, but I’ve seen this electric dream.
Peel me from the screen before I drift away.
My throat is burning. Connections loose, not working.
No sense in learning. 2+2=5 if you can fake it.
A quiet whisper; what else could need attention?
The road to weary, paved with cold skin and socialite intention.
This is urgency - 21st century emergency. This is what I mean when I say I’m losing me. Not been, but I’ve seen this electric dream. Peel me from the screen before I drift away.
I’ve been thinking.
I’ve been dreaming.
I’ve been wasting.
Track Name: Fresh Air
Woke up with a picture in my mind, watching the world crumble in fire. From the ashes standing clear, it’s the same old story same old fear. It’s not the type of thing that I thought that I was ready for. A little bit reluctant to let my feet walk out the door. Tripping over words to tell you what I’m really here for.
Life has been breathed back in these tired bones. I’m no longer scared to be alone. Now you’re here, and everything is crystal clear. I’m no longer scare to be the person I’ve become, and forget who I wanted to be.
I drink too much, I think too much, I talk too much, I smoke too much. You’re the epitome of everything wrong with me. Give me the write words I’ll make right for you. Give me the right chords, I’ll make it real for you. Rough around the edges, try not to cut yourself. I swear there’s a man who gives a damn inside this cell. It’s not an intention, it’s my new invention of me.
Let me breathe…
Track Name: Clockwork
The jewelry 'round his neck, the crown upon his head, the sparkle in his eye. A sweet flirtatious glance and
a saccharine-laced romance, our dream was not to die.
Charming prince always loved the night, forked-tongue prince holds my star so bright, so tightly.
The Parisian moon in black, a Venetian heart attack, the trusty, rusty gun. He’s painted it in truth and doused it in perfumes, we’ll swallow up the sun. The dark prince always loved a fight, so tonight we’ll take back the light.
You said the king was dead, that we crushed his head and we had spilt his blood. But I’ve tasted, and I’ve seen your foul clockwork in me. Now your time is up.
The dark prince always loved a fight so tonight we’ll take back the light…for now.
Track Name: Grimm
Hey diddle diddle, the cat hates the fiddle, the cow doesn’t come out at night. The plate and the spoon ran off with the moon I was unable to put up a fight. Now I’m calm and collected, all my scenes have been rejected, the page needs a total rewrite. Right before my eyes unraveling was the extent of our plight. Based on what I’ve detected, I don’t know what I expected as you stand rainsoaked on the floor. The fact that you’re present in this kingdom of peasants means I’m not scared anymore
Never could we be once upon a time. All the chapters got twisted like a broken arm. Until the end is the beginning, no one’s really winning but we swear we’re fine. Give me some help take my heart off the shelf, don’t make it easy on me. I can read clearly between the lines, the ink we’ve been meaning to bleed.
As I fall from the sky, your twinkle still in my eye, I’m learning what gravity’s for. This torturous adventure ending in my departure, I ask myself what it was for. It’s the hardest times, that leave us with nothing but to bear the heat of the storm. This notion of doubt always finds its way out until all we’re left wanting is more.
Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. There’s a man that I used to know, and he’s falling out of the sky…
Track Name: Final Curtain
Final curtain:
Sitting waiting here, with my back against the wall, for the time I’ll finally take the fall. Dissent makes nothing clear, with the atmosphere we have here. I’ve played out my part.
I’ve seen my fair share, of tragedies my friend. I’ve seen this play enough to know the plot twists in the end. Sit back and watch what you’ve built grow for a little while. If you wait here long enough you’ll find out the lies I’ve compiled.
I guess I’ve been worn out, I guess I’ll just bow out now. I’m just a supporting actor, to the lies you’ve found out. I’m just a tool to be honed, I’m just a favor phoned in. Now, I’m bowing out.
I’ve played out my part…